Geolocation system in Ukraine

Geolocation system in Ukraine


The first in CIS satellite monitoring and geolocation system was put into operation in 2009 by the State Centre of Radio Frequencies of Ukraine. One of the major reasons encouraged UCRF to buy the expensive system was the fact, that the number of illegal VSAT stations in the territory of Ukraine was 2.5-3 times that of the legal one. Turnkey system installation was done by ARD Telecom – the subsidary of ARD Satcom Service.

The site is equipped with two dual-band receiving antenna systems, Monics spectrum monitoring system, CGL geolocation system, Compass control and monitoring equipment, OASYS  system for obtaining information on the   ephemeris and radio waves propagation and GeoMon control and monitoring system. Graphical user interface allows to display reports, coverage of controlled satellites, placing points of the legal stations on a map of the country, measurement results of controlled satellites. Monics automatically monitors multiple frequency sub-bands. Digital spectrum analyzer not only detects and measures carriers in the controlled spectrum, but also makes the full range of analytical signal measurements. Monics recognizes the type of modulation, including DVB-S2 (16 and 32 APSK) format, a symbol or an aggregate rates, C / No, C / l, and Eb / No. The levels of noise and distortion are measured at the band of the carrier. A unique feature of signal representation in the signal with the modulation analysis allows to automatically detect an interference in the band of the allowed carrier. Based on the results of measurements a base of carriers and archive of reports, data and masks are created. Comparing the results of current measurements with the existing data, the system informs about the absence, or changes in the settings of registered carriers and the emergence of unauthorized carriers. When an unauthorized carrier is indicated, the geolocation system is automatically turned. The system finds a likely source of the signal and determine the latitude and longitude of the transmitter. The final position is determined by the mobile complexes of radio control.


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