Gabriel Electornics

Gabriel Electornics

General Dynamics Satcom Technologies develops, manufactures and markets point-to-multipoint, point-to-point and spread spectrum antenna systems (former brand Gabriel)  for the worldwide telecommunications market. Cellular and Personal Communications Services ("PCS") providers employ our Point-to-Point antenna systems for backhaul between remote tower sites and switching centers in their global markets. The company's antenna systems are used by Network service providers and Internet service providers worldwide. Customers are cellular, PCS, Wireless Internet access, and private network users.


  • Directional High Gain (Point to Point)
  • License-Free (Point to Point)
  • Point to Multipoint

ARD Satcom Service is the official Representative of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies in Russia and CIS.  


Partizanskaya str.  40, Moscow, 121 359
Phone: +7 495 416 0616, +7 495 416 0617, +7 495 416 0618
Fax: +7 495 416 0477