CommScope Inc. is a multinational telecommunications company based in Hickory, North Carolina, United States, since its founding in 1976. CommScope manufactures SYSTIMAX and Uniprise brands of Enterprise infrastructure of copper Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling, connector panels, jacks and fiber optic cabling, connector panels, racking and metals. CommScope also manufactures environmentally secure cabinets for FTTN and DSL applications. In December 2007 CommScope completed the acquisition of Andrew Corporation. Through its Andrew Solutions brand, CommScope is a global leader in radio frequency subsystem solutions for wireless networks.


  • Microwave antennas: Microwave antennas produce highly directional beams typically used in point-to-point microwave systems. Andrew Solutions manufactures a full line of terrestrial microwave antennas for applications such as fixed-line telecommunications networks, broadband wireless, and wireless infrastructure.
  • Pressurization equipment: Andrew pressurization equipment applies positive pressure on transmission lines to minimize corrosion caused by moisture and eliminate voltage breakdown (arcing). A constant supply of dry air under pressure assures high signal quality, low VSWR, and reduced risk of component damage from moisture accumulation.
  • Transmission line systems: Andrew Solutions manufactures technically advanced, high performance transmission line products for a wide range of RF applications from base station sites, to in-cabinet, to indoors. Transmission line components include cables, waveguide, connectors, assemblies, and installation accessories, all designed for performance compatibility.

Pressurization equipment and transmission line systems have been used for RTRN, Rostelecom and other projects.

ARD Satcom Service is a partner of CommScope Inc. 


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