New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.


New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJRC)

Based on market-leading experience, New JRC is going to drastically expand its business area. New JRC’s microwave application products are used as key components in communication systems in many fields of human activities, such as education, medical care and business. New JRS has an over 50% of the global market share both in components for VSAT and  for Moving Object Detection Modules of the microwave sensors. These products are used in the most trusted brands all over the World .

  • Components for satellite communications: New JRS is the leading company in the market of  Ground-based Satellite stations because of its  good performance and high quality products. NJRC’s components help to make satellite communications faster and larger. The components provide a lot of merits, such as wide ranges and broadcasting. They are resistant to disasters and very easy to set up.
  • Sensor components: Components for microwaves sensors are utilized to measure object speeds and distances. In addition to the security market, they are used for the wide-ranging sensing applications.

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We supplied NJRC equipment to the following companies: RuSat, RSCC, Rostelecom, VSAT-tel, Stec.Com, GSS and many, many others.

ARD Satcom Service is a partner of NJRC in Russia and CIS.


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