Sector Microwave Industries

Sector Microwave Industries

Sector Microwave Industries is innovator in the Switch Industry. Since 1974 SMI has been privileged to serve microwave and RF community by supplying high-quality microwave switches for communications, military and satellite applications. SMI is the respected leaders for this critical application because of its high quality products and history of timely delivery.

SMI proudly offers a complete line of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches in SPDT, DPDT, transfer configurations as well as relay switches, dual waveguide and coax switches and switch assemblies for use in satellite, military and commercial ground station applications

SMI equipment was supplied by our company to RSCC, ISS Reshetneva and I.S.P.A. Group of companies.  

ARD Satcom Service is a partner of Sector Microwave Industries.


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