Mirad Microwave AG

Mirad Microwave AG

MIRAD Microwave is a company that develops and produces microwave components and microwave systems used in satellite communications. MIRAD offers its customers a comprehensive, highly rated and competitive service of advice and support from the planning stage through to the supply of microwave assemblies and systems. The company specialisse in customer-orientated solutions.

MIRAD provides all the passive RF-components that are used in the Rx and Tx path of a satellite earth station.  Tx-signals interface at the HPA outputs, then are combined  in a network and routed via the feed complex into the atmosphere with the appropriate polarisation. The Rx signals that arrive at the feed horn, in either linear or circular polarisation mode are separated and aligned to the LNAs or LNBs. We custom-design complete microwave systems, including the antenna optics for C-, Ku- and Ka-band applications. Affordable quality and reliability is MIRAD’s top priority.

Solutions from MIRAD Microwave were used in our projects for RSCC.

ARD Satcom Service is the parnter of MIRAD Microwave.


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