Hughes Network Systems LLC

Hughes Network Systems LLC

Hughes Network Systems dominates in the enterprise VSAT industry more than twenty years. The company has constantly responded to the market chages with new developments which has kept it at the forefront of an intensely competitive market Telecom service providers around the world are choosing Hughes technology to help them deliver high-quality, reliable broadband communications. With a complete package of network design, integration, management, and professional services, Hughes is your go-to source for broadband.

Broadband Solutions for Service Providers:

  • Hardware
  • Consumer Internet services
  • Enterprise network services
  • Corporate network services
  • Mobile and maritime solutions
  • Supported Applications
    • VoIP
    • VPN
    • Wireless backhaul on GSM/WiFi or WiMax
    • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
    • SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products)
    • Smart grid

                   And more...

Solutions from HNS were used in our projects for Rostelecom and its Macro-Regional branch  Ural.

ARD Satcom Service is the partner of Hughes Network Systems.


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