Zodiaс Data Systems (Zodiac Airospace)

Zodiaс Data Systems (Zodiac Airospace)

Zodiac Data Systems  designs, manufactures, supplies and supports a broad range of high technology products and solutions for Aerospace and Defense applications, under the product brand names: IN-SNEC, ENERTEC and HEIM, in the fields of airborne & ground telemetry, mission video and data recording, flight test, satellite TT&C (including Ranging), Remote Sensing, SDR and satellite QoS (Signal Analysis, Geolocation).

Thanks to ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS skills in microwave frequency, digital signal processing, real time software combined with large experience in the development of high-performance equipment and project management, we are also in a position to meet all specific requirements in the following fields:


On-Board Equipment:

  • Data Acquisition Systems for commercial and military aircraft
  • Telemetry for ballistic missiles and launch vehicles
  • Telemetry for tactical guided missiles and UAV
  • Flight termination systems (launchers and missiles)
  • Land vehicle telemetry
  • Recorders

Ground Stations:

  • Satellite control stations
  • Telemetry reception systems
  • Flight termination ground station
  • Remote sensing stations
  • Integration and installation of complete stations
  • Receivers
  • Recorders


  • Satellite telecommunications systems
  • Radio-frequency (sub-assemblies, modules)
  • Microwave-frequency (sub-assemblies, modules)
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Signal analysis

Zodiac Data Systems equipment was used in our projects for NII Radio, ISS Reshetnev, FSUE RFC CFA.

ARD Satcom Service is the authorized distributor of Zodiac Data Systems.



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Fax: +7 495 416 0477