ETL Systems Ltd.

ETL Systems Ltd.

ETL Systems  designs and manufactures RF distribution equipment for Satellite Ground Stations and other Microwave users. The product range which includes L-Band Routers, Switches, Splitters/Dividers, Combiners covering DC-40GHz.

Reliability, Resilience, and RF performance are the core customer requirements which drive our product innovation and development. Adaptability and scaleability combine with these to provide future expansion.

ETL Systems equipment was supplied to Megafon - one of the biggest mobile operator in Russia and many large Russian SIers.

ARD Satcom Service is the authorized distributor of ETL Systems  in Russia.



Partizanskaya str.  40, Moscow, 121 359
Phone: +7 495 416 0616, +7 495 416 0617, +7 495 416 0618
Fax: +7 495 416 0477