L-3 Narda-ATM

L-3 Narda-ATM

L-3 Narda-ATM  designs, manufactures, supplies, and stocks to Commercial Standards or to Full Military Specifications:

  • Coaxil
  • Waveguide RF
  • Microwave Components Subsystems

L-3 Narda-ATM's in house design, manufacturing, inspection and quality control capabilities allow fast response to customer requirements. ATM's Microwave measurement capability up to 50GHz makes us the best choice for the design and manufacturing of your components.

We used equipment  of L-3 Narda-ATM  in our projects of  Rostelecom, RSCC,  Gasprom Satellite Systems and other operators. Vsat-tel, Group of companies I.S.P.A., NTC RTV and other SIers are also our customers.

ARD Satcom Service is the official Representative of L-3 Narda-ATM in Russia.




Partizanskaya str.  40, Moscow, 121 359
Phone: +7 495 416 0616, +7 495 416 0617, +7 495 416 0618
Fax: +7 495 416 0477