VT iDirect

VT iDirect

VT iDirect, a company of VT Systems is the industry’s leading IP-based satellite communications company providing technology, hardware, software, and services that enable VSAT service providers to optimize their networks and profitably expand their businesses. iDirect Intelligent Platform™ is a single, unified IP-based satellite architecture engineered to handle the widest range of applications and market needs.


Equipment of VT iDirect was used in our  projects for "RuSat" NPO "Almaz-Antey", "ITS-Siberia" and many other projects.

ARD Satcom Service is the authorized distributor of iDirect Technologies.




Partizanskaya str.  40, Moscow, 121 359
Phone: +7 495 416 0616, +7 495 416 0617, +7 495 416 0618
Fax: +7 495 416 0477