SpaceTime Engineering

SpaceTime Engineering

SpaceTime Engineering was established in 2013 to provide state-of-the-art RF components and antenna feeds to the satellite communication industry. Specifically, we offer:

RF Design and Analysis at the component level through complex wide- or multi-band feed assemblies, and of reflector antennas, from electrically small axi-symmetric to large dual-reflectors and beam-waveguide systems.
Mechanical / Manufacturing Design & Drafting of products for processes including precision machining, electroforming, metal finishing, and high-volume manufacturing.
In-house manufacturing using methods including precision machining, high-volume manufacturing, as well as metal finishing and electroforming.
Assembly using proprietary methods.
RF testing of components and feed networks, including S-parameters, high-power (PIM), and patterns.
We also design, manufacture, and test custom-engineered solutions to stringent requirements such as high efficiency, low PIM and high power, spanning frequencies from 1 to 140 GHz.


ARD Satcom Servic is the partner of SpaceTime Engineering.

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