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On the eve of Europe's largest television and radio broadcasting forum IBC 2018, in which ARD Satcom Service traditionally participates, ETL Systems (UK)  published a list of its TOP 5 partners.

The 5th International Conference "Modern look on Satellite Communication", organized by ARD Satcom Service, was a great success in Dubna on June 8-9.

"ARD Monitoring"
Our company has developed and launched a distributed telemetry and control system with a central data storage  - "ARD Monitoring".

ARD Satcom Service

is a provider of advanced integrated solutions in the field of satellite, wireless and mobile communications and digital broadcasting.


Our competence:

  • Design, implementation and post-warranty services for:
    • long-haul and backbone networks  (digital microwave communication systems, fiber optic equipment, cable systems, digital TV broadcasting systems)
    • wireless networks 
    • digital TV backbone networks 
    • VSAT satellite networks
    • ground-based antenna control systems
  • The development of new types of microwave and satellite antenna systems  based on customer's specifications
  • Projects scientific and technical support
  • Consulting and Legal support in Ceritification, Licensing and Frequency allocation  permission to our customers
  • Design works
  • Construction works


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Fax: +7 495 416 0477